FALL in love


How stupid i am.
I fall in love with him.

My heart is broken.
I don’t know anything about him.
I never met him
I don’t know where is he live.
i just know his name.
Face/switch photo/
His birthday
How… could i fall in love with him?
I love him when i hear his voice.
His voice is drug. I am addict of it.

Wherever you are…
You still have a place…in my heart.
Yi Dahyun.


Notes 05/02/13

Because a friendship is… everything.
Ini aku ambil waktu aku dan anak anak kelas ku ngerjain seseorang yang lagi ulang tahun. Friendship is everything. Meaningful. Lovely.

He is your everything in the past. You don’t have to hate your ex.
Ini aku ambil dari lagi main sama anak cowo dan si ex itu ikut main. Kita deket dikit dibilang clbk. Aku tanya kenapa malah bilang karena deket sama main bareng. Terus harus di jauhin?di jelek jelekin?dikatain?enggak kan? What the hell is wrong with society?!
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